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The Cranesong Insigna is a 500-series module tube EQ designed by Dave Hill and comes from a long line of industry standard, high quality audio hardware.

The unit is based around a dual triode circuit with a 12AX7 tube, featuring 2 shelving EQs, a parametric band and a low and high pass filter set.

The filters are both 24 dB/Octave with 7 frequencies each.

The high and low frequency bands are both shelving with 8 frequencies a piece.

The mid frequency band is a peak EQ containing 8 frequencies.

All three bands employ buffered RC circuitry in the negative feedback path around the tube amps.

The output stage features a shielded Lundahl high level line output transformer, all the stepped frequency pots are high quality Grayhill series 56 Rotary Switches and Bourn pots for the gain.

Maximum input: +24dbu

Maximum Output: +25dbu

Frequency Response: 1Hz to 100KHz

Noise Floor: -84 dbu 20Hz to 20KHz

Input Impedance: 32K ohms

Output Impedance: 160 ohms

Current Consumption: 120mA

Weight: 1.7 lbs

Number of Channels: 1

Number of EQ Sections: 37