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Titian is an analog compressor-limiter with a very large range of color and control choices with recall. The main audio path is a discrete class A design. Resetability is attained by using stepped controls and encoders that have their values displayed on Titian's color LCD display. Titian is a digitally controlled analog device in design with a very high speed dsp side chain that allows the design to push the limits beyond what is possible in the design of an analog side chain.

The compressor-limiter controls are the normal; Threshold, Attack, Release, Shape, Bypass-In-Link, Meter Select, and make up Gain. These controls have their settings displayed on a color LCD display. The Shape control shows the knee of the compressor. With the knee characteristic being graphically drawn on the LCD to allow the user to see the knee's shape. The graphical display updates with the changing of the Threshold and Shape controls. When stereo linked the unit selected as control master will control all functions on the second channel.

In addition there are controls that can provide color choices;


The VCA COLOR control provides a mix between a very clean PWM gain control device and a vintage gain control element. The vintage gain control element is a diode type compressor circuit. There are 16 steps in the cross fade-mix control for a wide range in choices


The PARALLEL MIX control blends the unprocessed audio with the compressed audio, a parallel compression function. There are 16 steps in the cross fade-mix control for a wide range in choices.


The DYNAMIC COLOR control is a control that provides harmonic content that is opposite in nature of the harmonic content that the vintage gain control element generates. The effect of the Dynamic Color control can be described as making the sound "bigger". This function has 16 steps to provide a wide range of sonic control.


The FAT - AIR switch that will add air or fatness to the compressed audio

Titan is a single rack space 100 to 240 Volt switchable 50, 60 Hz


A three position switch with fast, medium and slow settings, which controls the time it takes Falcon to respond to the input signal. Fast is the top position


This switch controls the time it takes Falcon to return to no gain reduction. It is a three position switch with fast, medium and slow settings. Fast is the top position. The release time is also determined by the program material. This is the optical time constant effect. Sometimes called auto release or program dependent release.


Allows monitoring the output level or gain reduction.


This switch changes the knee shape from a soft knee to a hard knee for limiter operation


In the top or the “100” position the tube circuit is operated with no negative feedback for an extremely rich sound, In the lower position the tube has negative feedback. This gives the user color choices


This is the mix between the original signal and the processed audio. When in link mode the WET-DRY controls operate independently.


This is a three position switch. In the bypass position, (the bottom position), Falcon is removed from the audio path.

In the IN position (The middle position) Falcon is switched into the audio path.

In the LINK (or top) position, the link signals are connected between the channels. The link cable is a special cable, (supplied by Crane Song). This allows master slave operation and does not use the 500 series rack interconnect. The LINK light will be brighter on the master unit, dimmer on the slave unit and off when there are no linked channels.

All units must be in the bypass mode for the link to be engaged. If any units are switch to IN or LINK, LINK will be disallowed. This mode of operation allows the LINK switch on the master unit to put all channels into bypass with one switch

To set the LINK mode, set all channels to BYPASS, set the switch on the desired master channel to link. The LEDs will show the status of linking In link mode: ATTACK, RELEASE, METER SWITCH, COLOR SWITCH, and THRESHOLD controls are controlled on the master channel


The threshold control governs the amount of gain reduction.


The gain control will adjust the compressor gain from off to +15 dB of gain. When linked the gain controls operate independently.

Maximum input: +25dbu balanced

Maximum output: +25dbu balanced

Make Up Gain: 0 to 11.5db, 0.5 steps

Noise: -91dbu, 20 KHz BW

Frequency Response: 3Hz to175KHz Distortion, clean mode @+25dbu: 0.018%

Power: 25 watts at 115 or 230 volts, 50 or 60 Hz.

Fuse size is slow acting fuze GMD 0.315A for 115 volts; GMD 0.150A for 230 volts for 100 - 120 volts set to 115V for 220 - 240 volts set to 230v

Shipping Weight: 15 lbs (6.7kg)

Depth Behind Panel: 8.625 inches plus user input/output connectors