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Multi-host 2x2 MIDI Interface with Audio

passThru for Mac,PC and iOS

iConnectMIDI2+ allows you to use your iOS device with your Mac/PC like a plugin, controller, and much more!

iConnectMIDI2+ completely redefines the concept of a MIDI & audio interface, integrating today’s professional multiple-computer set-ups with iOS devices and traditional MIDI hardware.

Not only does iConnectMIDI2+ support two computer devices simultaneously – Macs, PCs, and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) – its Audio passThru™ technology routes audio between them digitally with zero signal degradation, simply appearing as an audio interface to the operating systems.

This combination of audio and MIDI connections has countless applications. A synth running on your iPad could behave as if it were a touch-controlled plug-in running inside your host DAW, or you could process a software instrument in your DAW through an effects processing app like a amp simulator on your iPhone. If you are feeling adventurous you can even use your Mac or PC as a slave to your iOS device. The iConnectMIDI2+ offers seamless integration in all directions.

With all of this connectivity comes possibility and nearly endless options. iConnectivity’s iConfig software for Mac, PC, and iOS allows the user complete control over how MIDI is routed, remapped and filtered to and from all devices connected to it.

iConnectMIDI2+ delivers so much more than just a standard 2x2 MIDI interface even though it is at a similar price point. It is a fantastic option for any musician looking to integrate more than one computing device, iOS, or just looking for the most flexible 2x2 MIDI interface in the world.

What Makes iConnectMIDI2+ Unique? - The iConnectivity Difference!

Other 2 x 2 MIDI interfaces

Simple MIDI in and out. Support for only one computer. No audio. No different from 1980s MIDI interfaces.

The iConnectMIDI2+ difference:

More power to create. More creative workflow. Easier collaboration. One cable connects a second computer, whether it's yours or another musician's. Integrate your iOS device into your music. Stream your sound recordings in, not just MIDI.

The iConnectivity Advantage: solid performance, innovative features.

  • Frequency Response -2 dB points, 10Hz & 75kHz
  • Nominal Input Impedance XLR) 48 K Ohms, balanced
  • Nominal Output Impedance (XLR) 50 Ohms, balanced
  • Headroom +29 dBu @ 10 K Ohms, +28.5 dBu @ 600 Ohms

  • iConnectivity Review

    Shamanth Nag:

    I m really happy and astonished to see the iconnectivity audio 4+ sound card which can be an extraordinary solution to many things for those who consider serious techniques in music and sound.I started with 2496 sound card delta 1010 lt which was much higher cost wise and with the limitations of being a pci card,but now the advancement is more precise with multiple connectivity is something which is a boon to the budding musicians and why I say for 'budding musicians' is the price range which is much much affordable for such a great gear which can be a first to a musician.great job kkinternationals Darshan Kwatra for bringing such a gear with so much of passion.

    iConnectivity Review

    Sar Ath:

    This the track, i produced using iConnectivity sound card i liked the sound its simply superb very transparent and excellent A/D converters thanks toDarshan Kwatra sir for this wonderful gear and thanks Shamanth Nag anna for recommending this.guys please listen this trck if time permits. i am dedicating this track to @darshan sir KK international. :)