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  • High Gain Mic Amp/Compressor/EQ with super-natural valve sound;
  • Based on Phoenix design with 52 dB gain available;
  • Fully Balanced circuit with XLR in/out connectors;
  • +48v Phantom power available;
  • Threshold control has 7 way switch with Compressor Out position;
  • Time Constant switch has 6 combinations of Attack & Release;
  • Side Chain Bass Cut;
  • Presence and Air switches to boost mid and high top with In/Out switch;
  • Bass Cut to roll off low bass;
  • 2 valves, 6AQ8EH input and 12AT7/ECC81 output;
  • Solid State side chain! ;
  • Link socket to connect 2 HGs for stereo buss operation, etc. ;
  • Made in England.
  • Input impedance MIC: 1kΩ

  • PAD: 2KΩ
  • LINE: 10kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 600Ω

    Max gain MIC: 52 dB

  • PAD: 38 dB
  • LINE: 25 dB
  • THD (30kHz filter) 1kHz: 0.12%

  • 100Hz: 0.22%
  • N.B. Distortion may increase with compression, especially

    with faster settings and 12 dB + compression.

    Frequency response +0/-1dB 16 Hz to 50 kHz

    Max O/P level (MOL): + 25.5 dBu, 10kΩ load

    Signal to Noise: 96 dB

    Power Consumption: 19W

    Indicator Lamp: 12V / 3W

    Net Weight: 4kg

    Ishaan Dev's Studio In Chennai !

    Customer Review

    Maag's PREQ4 with EQ4 & Cranesong's Falcon Compressor In The Recording Chain Makes Recording of The Track So Perfect That There Is No Further Need of Any Processing !

    Even After 8 db of Compression On a Vocal Track,One Feels as If No Compression Has Been Done !

    So Musical It Is ! Guys ! We Didn't Believe It ! but It's Indeed True To The Core Are The Words Of Ishaan Dev !

    Ishaan Adds About Maag EQ4 - "You Won't Believe Till You Hear It by Yourself" !

    A Must Have EQ For All Recording Studios !

    #‎KKSoundPlanet‬ & Darshan Kwatra Seem To Have Gone To A Gym & Have Had A Broad Chest !

    Many Thanks To Hemanth Chetta & Abin Paul To Make This Happen In Last Late Night's Session !